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The wonders of water

One of the most simple but most valuable things i was taught in my training was firstly, how to muscle test dehydration and then, the importance and requirement of drinking 6 to 8 glasses a day of pure drinking water.

An incredibly high proportion of my clients test out with dehydration and the most common response is, “I drink lots of tea and coffee” or, “I know, I should be drinking more.”

Why is water so important? Because, if all we drank is tea, coffee, soda, alcohol or sweet fruity type drinks, we will not be optimising on our health, far from it, all those beverages contain substances that the liver and kidneys have to work hard to eliminate. In fact, if little or no amounts of plain water are consumed, it is more than likely dehydration is present, memory and cognitive function will be compromised, the bodies metabolism will be slower and, systemic toxicity is likely to be build up which could eventually present serious health complaints.

Pure water is the only liquid the body can consume without having to digest or work hard to eliminate. It nourishes every part of your body and has an invaluable role in the digestive system, transporting nutrients and oxygen to the cells and lubricating the gut walls to help illumination. Studies have proven that drinking a  glass of water can counterbalance hunger and all too often, we may feel hungry but it is our bodies reflex system letting us know we are dehydrated.

The first thing to think of if you get a headache, is to drink a glass of water. Our brains are surrounded in water so it will be one of the noticeable places the body will take from if dehydration occurs.

If our joints, lower back or kidney area starts acting up, think water!

Water is vital for life, its healing ability is immeasurable and by just cutting back on other beverages and consuming more plain water, our bodies health and wellbeing can be improved..

In my next article I will discuss ways to purify water, best sources and the healing memory of water.