Emotional Imbalance

Our emotions are key to good health, more and more evidence shows that a positive state of mind has a significant role on our immunity. If we are stressed or may have suffered trauma or upset, this can put huge pressure on our bodies. Often the immune system may get low, sleep maybe disturbed, The Adrenals glands maybe stressed and depression or anxiety may take hold. Life can become rather like a black hole or a constant sense of carrying a heavy weight around..

Whatever the issue Kinesiology is a great tool to access emotional imbalances. For instance where issues stem from, which issues are causing the tension, why a particular phobia is present, addressing trauma and past events, understanding why depression is present and what the triggers are.

Julia uses a different range of techniques to release negative emotional issues, behavioural patterns or negative belief systems. Julia will always test to find out which technique or remedies will benefit, these may include ESR (emotional stress release), EFT (Emotional freedom technique), tapping, affirmations, visualisation reprogramming techniques, Bach, Bush and other flower essences, energy clearing, homeopathy, nutritional support and lifestyle changes.

Once the emotional issues has been worked on, Julia will muscle test again to check the problem has been cleared or whether other issues need to be addressed.

Always working with the body as a whole, Julia will address each imbalances be they Structural, chemical, emotional or energetic or a combination of them all. This way, the body has more scope for healing.