Structural Imbalance

Structural issues can arise for many different reasons. We may have experienced knocks or falls, have bad posture due to heavy lifting, or possibly because of dehydration or tension etc. Using Kinesiology, Julia can test to find out if structural imbalances are present, what it stems from and then, using a variety of different kinesiology techniques, Julia works to reset the body back into alignment.

Since the 1960’s, Chiropractors, Dr’s and osteopaths have worked out specific rebalancing protocols through which Systematic Kinesiology practitioners are taught and use in their treatment.

The gut for instance, has a number of valves that can seize to work properly, this in turn can cause a number of complaints like constipation, diarrhoea and the general umbrella term for an imbalanced gut, IBS.  If this shows up in testing then Julia has a protocol using massage, holding neuro-vascular points and stimulating acupuncture points to rectify.

With every Structural imbalance, Julia will not only address the structural elements to be worked on, Julia will test to see if nutrition is required, whether emotions play a part of it, or if the body requires energetic imput.

Always working with the body as a whole, Julia will address all imbalances be they Structural, chemical, emotional or energetic. This way, the body has more scope for healing.