Chemical Imbalance

With our modern lifestyles and with maybe lack of nutrition, the use of medication, stress and pollution etc. It is no wonder our health can suffer in a variety of different ways. We are constantly surrounded by bacteria’s, virus’s and micro organisms which, when our immune system gets low, these invaders can manifest and cause all sorts of health complaints. The Endocrine system and hormones can become imbalanced, the body can become sensitive and allergic reactions can occur.

Using kinesiology Julia can systemically test the body for any chemical imbalance. Julia uses testing vials and substances which, if the body is already stressed by, the kinesiology muscle test will show up as an issue and will therefore need addressing.

Using herbs, nutritional supplements, natural remedies and correcting techniques, Julia will test which ones the body responds well too to negate the initial negative muscle response. This way, no guess work in which method of treatment is needed.

Kinesiology is a simple tool to access information about the body, where imbalances are, what the causes are and what is required to restore optimum health.

Always working with the body as a whole Julia will address all imbalances be they Structural, chemical, emotional or energetic. This holistic procedure provides the body with a profound ability for healing.

Electrical Imbalance

With the development of science it is now believed that every living organisms has an electro magnetic energy system or auric field. Kirlian photography has enabled us to capture these energy fields with incredible accuracy and results. EMF or Electro magnetic frequency devices can now be bought on the market to test electrical appliances so that we can gage the EMF from our Wifi or mobile phones etc.  Quantum physicists are continually making new discoveries in areas once believed to be untrue. We can now understand more of the things we cannot physically see!

For thousands of years eastern medicine has based its philosophy on these electrical frequencies  known in the body as Meridians and Chakras. From this acupuncture, martial arts, meditation and yoga have been practiced to strengthen these energy systems which in turn, can bring significant holistic healing and well being to the body.

Using Kinesiology Julia can muscle test these electrical issues. For instance, by touch locating an acupuncture point or meridian point, if the meridian is imbalanced, the muscle test will respond negatively. Julia will use a variety of techniques including acupressure, tracing the meridian or using a laser pen to stimulate the acupuncture point to restore the energy and negate the negative muscle test.

Do you ever wonder how your mobile phone effects your body? Using Kinesiology, your body can be tested to see if your phone is having a negative effect and more importantly what can be used to protect yourself.

Kinesiology is a simple tool to access information about the body, where imbalances are, what the causes are and what is required to restore optimum health and frequency.