I have suffered with IBS for many years. Julia gave me some 'homework', i.e., certain foods and drinks that I should avoid, and after a few treatments my IBS was gone. My back pain is considerably better and I pop back to see Julia if i have a relapse. My fatigue was found by Julia to be because my body was lacking in certain vitamins, and is now getting better. I fully recommend Julia and found her to be very understanding and kind.
Ms S. Bradfield
IBS/back pain/fatigue

I was recommended by a friend, and I must say I was very surprised by the result. It was such a relief not to be in pain any more after just one treatment.
Mrs S. Simpson
RSI/carpel tunnel in wrist

I have discovered what life can be like without migraines and would like that feeling to continue. The treatments have been satisfying and like a journey of discovery (I still have a way to go)! Julia is a wonderful professional – knowledgeable, gentle and highly recommended by me.
Mrs G. Medhurst

My GP told me my shoulder pain was due to age and wear and tear, so I believed I was stuck with it and would have to continue to rely on painkillers. At the time, Julia had been caring for my wife and she recommended I try a course of treatments. I was most surprised at how my muscles responded to her tests and what came up. Julia recommended that I stop having dairy and tomato products and to start taking a few supplements. After the first treatment, my shoulder felt a lot easier and with each treatment, the shoulder improved. By treatment four, the pain was completely gone. I continued to have treatments as I also felt my general health improve especially, my breathing with which I had suffered for years. I now see Julia when I feel I need to; 'maintenance' as Julia calls it.
Mr D. Lancaster
Shoulder pain and breathing difficulties

I feel like I have far more energy and can cope with doing far more things than I have for a long time. My periods are regular again and my IBS is better than it has been for ages. I just feel overall better in myself.
Mrs L. Wells

My mum took me to see Julia because I had a fear of heights. When I got there she asked me to write down three things I enjoyed and three things I feared the most. We went through each thing and she asked me to explain how it made me feel. After my treatment, I felt like I wanted to conquer my fears and Julia had encouraged me to do that. Now I climb higher then i ever did before – I have the confidence. I also just went on a residential trip with school; I did all the activities, indoor rock climbing, crate challenge and even the zip wire! Archie's mum: I am so glad I took Archie to see Julia, it has made the world of difference to his confidence; he has gone from completely freaking out about the escalators in the Natural History Museum to climbing trees and zip wires – brilliant!
Archie Wells
age 9 – fear of heights

A friend said that she had a session with Julia and that she was spot on with her diagnosis and intuition about what was needed. A month or so later, in a very stressed state and not knowing which way to turn, I rang Julia and asked for an emergency treatment. I was amazed how insightful she and the treatment was, having never experienced Kinesiology before. I found that I couldn't really explain it adequately to my partner afterwards. I came out with a remedy that made me smile as it was so apt. I had several sessions with Julia and she was always very flexible as I was very stressed by a situation at work and couldn't predict when I was going to need support. Julia has done some fantastic work with me and my body's responses are so much better as a result. She is insightful, sensitive, honest and even when challenged by my situation did not settle for anything less than full enablement of my body's innate healing abilities.
Victoria Laurence