Kinesiology (kin-ease-e-ology) also known as muscle testing, comprises of the client placing a limb in a certain position and the therapist gently putting pressure on the limb to feel the resistance of the muscle.

During an initial consultation Julia uses kinesiology to take a body reading that checks for health issues. The ‘bio feedback’ she receives identifies the location and type of health imbalance that requires addressing.

There are four potential areas of imbalance and any complaint can have its cause in any one of the following areas which can lead to:

Structural Imbalance

Requires focus on muscular, skeletal and organ systems including TMJ, Primitive Reflexes, Atlas and cranials.

Chemical Imbalance

Requires focus on the digestive system, hormones and endocrine system, food intolerances, allergens, chemical and heavy metal toxicity and micro organisms like parasites, bacteria, virus’s and candida overgrowth.

Emotional Imbalance

Requires focus on anxiety, fear, phobias, depression, past traumas and stress.

Electrical Imbalance

Requires focus on the energy system, including meridians, chakras, auric field, electro-magnetic and geopathic stress.

To address an imbalance Julia uses a huge array of correcting techniques including gentle structural re-balancing, nutritional support, flower remedies, herbs, homeopathy, massage, acupressure, energy maintenance, emotional/stress release, EFT, matrix re-imprinting, energy alignment affirmations, meditation, visualisation, exercises, geomancy energy clearing and constantly new updated researched approaches to health and life style.

Health issues Julia commonly treats:

IBS, low immunity, poor digestion, migraines, stress and anxiety, trauma, depression, fears and phobias, breathing problems, Children’s health issues, menstrual problems, sleeping problems, thrush/candida, skin problems, back ache, muscular aches and pains, RSI, arthritis and joint pain, food sensitivities and allergies and many more.

Clients remain fully clothed and are either seated or lie on the couch during treatment.

Julia works from a number of clinics in East Sussex and can offer home visits if required.

First consultation and treatment costs £70 (1 ½ to 2 hours), follow up treatments cost £60 (1 to 1½ hours). Concessions and gift vouchers available.

Home visits are available at an extra charge depending on distance.

Please contact Julia on East Sussex 07817116105 or email                     Julia will happy to discuss or answer any of your queries.

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